Alt Codes

to This website provides you with a list of Alt codes keyboard shortcuts. What are Alt Codes? They are a combination of numbers on Windows computers that make special characters such as symbols and stars.


First off, make sure that 'Number Lock' is on, on your keyboard. Then hold down the Alt key on your keyboard and then press one by one the numbers of the code for the character you want to create on your number pad. You then release the Alt key and all being well the character should appear. Note: This will not work with the number keys on the top of your keyboard - always use your key number pad.

Alt-0128  Alt-0129  Alt-0130 
Alt-0131  Alt-0132  Alt-0133 
Alt-0134  Alt-0135  Alt-0136 
Alt-0137  Alt-0138  Alt-0139 
Alt-0140  Alt-0141  Alt-0142 
Alt-0143  Alt-0144  Alt-0145 
Alt-0146  Alt-0147  Alt-0148 
Alt-0149  Alt-0150  Alt-0151 
Alt-0152  Alt-0153  Alt-0154 


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